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Driving Experience in Singapore : Singapore Driver's Licence :  Yes No
Claim Experience in last 3 years : Yes No No. of claims in last 3 years : 
Claims Details : Own Damage: $ Third Party: $
  Own Damage: $ Third Party: $
  Own Damage: $ Third Party: $
Vehicle Details
Brand New / Used Car : Used Car  New Car Company Car :    Yes  No
Registration Number :
Make :
Model : (E.g. Corolla Altis 1.6, Dyna 1500)
Engine Capacity : cc
Vehicle Type : No. of Seaters (incl. of Driver) :  
Vehicle Use : Off Peak/Normal Vehicle :    
Transmission Type : Body Kit/Side Car attach :    Yes No
Propellant :
Year of  Make : Registration Year/Month :     
Additional Accessories  to be insured (E.g. Sunroof, Hi-Fi, Sport Rims)
Yes No    If Yes Sum Insured $
Parallel Import : Yes No    Finance Company :                 Yes No
Insurance Details
Type of Cover : Comprehensive    Third Party, Fire & Theft (TPFT)   Third Party Only (TP Only)
    (TPFT and TP Only is available only if there is no Finance company)
NCD Protection : No Yes (Only applicable for private car NCD 50%)
NCD upon Renewal : Reason if NCD is 0% : 
Safe Driver Discount from Traffic Police : (Provide IC to check for Eligibility) Demerit Point :           
Current Insurer : Competitive Quote : $   Excess : $
Insurance Start Date : Insurance Exp. Date :
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